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Show Us Your Toes This #GoBarefootDay

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With warmer climates approaching, we will be spending less time in shoes and more time going barefoot. Kick off that footwear and Go Barefoot on June 1st. With a name like National Go Barefoot Day, the holiday sounds like a made-up fun holiday. However, there is a noble cause behind it.


The holiday was created by the folks at Soles4Souls after the 2004 tsunami. Its purpose was to generate donations of new and used shoes for those affected by natural disasters. After tsunami relief efforts, donations continued to pour in. Today, Soles4Souls is a global staple in delivering shoes to those in dire need of footwear.

We encourage you to Go Barefoot June 1st! Donate those shoes that have been sitting in the back of your closet for a year, hardly worn. Get involved and host a shoe drive of your own (Soles4Souls has a chock-full of resources to help you out).

This is a day to show off those pedis, too. We want to see your painted toes! Tag us on social media @GRcosmeticsUS and don’t forget to use #GoBarefootDay!

Don’t forget to shop our long lasting nail polish and nail treatments. There’s something for everyone! Shop our nail products.

Stay beautiful, friends.


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