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Change Your Gaze with Mascara

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Mascara... the most important, complementary and final point of the eye make-up.

The more you care your lashes, the better and meaningful make-up you have. The make-up artists who know how important mascara is for the eye make-up, offers you to use even only mascara if you will make-up with only one product.

If you do not have any time for make-up, just use few layers of mascara, even this will change your gaze and give you a fresh appearance.

Even it seems very easy to use, there are some important details while using mascara. Especially, using to much mascara will lead lashes to seem clumped, hard and deformed and it will also increase the possibility of smudging. The clumped lashes never seem longer, thicker and nice but seem deformed.

Also be careful about not to leave to much mascara on the mascara brush. Hold the mascara straight and apply the mascara with the horizontal movements. Do not blink the eyes before the mascara dries. Brush the lashes with a clean mascara brush or eyelash comb before they are dry. Clean your mascara every night; otherwise you can not apply mascara the next day.

Black and brown are the most common used mascara colors. Blue, green or purple mascaras will be so nice when they are applied on tip of lash after black or brown mascara. If you would like to use colored mascara you should choose a color compatible with your clothes or your eye color.

Whether the dark blue mascara seems nice on the eyes of women who have light or medium skin color, to give ashiny effect to your eyes and to highlight the eye make-up, you should prefer black mascara regardless the eye color you have.

If you want to highlight the color of your eyes and use different colors in your make-up

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