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Smooth Skin With Foundation

Posted by GR Cosmetics on

The first stage of a smooth appearance is the skin make-up. A qualified foundation which matches your skin color, gives smoothness to the skin and this is the base and the first stage of the make-up.

To choose the right foundation is one of the most important issues in the make-up for a smooth skin and a successful make-up. The texture and the color of the foundation should be suitable to the skin type and the skin color, it will be better to use a lighter shade than your skin. Also you can distinguish your make- up with the little details for an excellent appearance.

Use your fingertips for all the foundations except the compact foundation. The warmth of your fingertips increases the liquidity of the foundation, so it will be easy to apply, natural and long lasting.

Apply foundation to your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Begin by applying a small amount of foundation then increase amount if you need. If you use more foundation at the beginning, it will be hard to spread and also may seem as a mask.

Spread the foundation with little strokes of your fingertips beginning from center to the hairline; continue spreading over jaw line, neck and the ears. To give the same color all over the face, apply few foundation on the eyelid and below the eye. For a professional impression, apply a wet sponge starting from center to your natural hairline after you finish application of the foundation.

It is better to wait for a while to fix the foundation before other applications.

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