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​Taking Advantage of Matte Lip Crayons and Pencils

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Matte lips have been all the rage for a few years now and more women who would regularly never think about wearing lipstick can now feel comfortable with less shimmer applied to their lips. With the help of matte lip crayons and pencils you’ll really be able to make your smile pop. Below are some tips to think about when you’re considering whether to buy a matte lip crayon or not.

Improving Lasting Power

A lip crayon or a lip liner is essentially a primer for your lips, much like you would wear a primer before you apply your foundation. When you take the time to apply this crucial part of your makeup look, you’ll be giving your lipstick the lasting power that it needs. The lipstick will adhere to the crayon or pencil and the two will seep into your lips, creating a look that might last you the entire night.

Plumping Your Pout

You might have heard that using a lip crayon or lip pencil can help to make your pout look fuller and that would be the truth. Though professional makeup artists advise against contouring outside of your natural lip line as it is something that really only works on camera and not in-person. Instead, you can take your favorite matte lip crayon and build up your Cupid’s bow and add a touch of highlighter for an instant plumping effect. You can also choose a lip liner that is a shade darker than your lipstick to make them look fuller.

Replacing Lipstick

Many women also find that there isn’t a need to shell out the cash for both lipsticks and lip liners when you can really just replace one with the other. A great lip crayon can give you the same (if not better) color payoff than a regular lipstick and it has a longer staying power. Since lip crayons are designed as primers, their formulas will last longer than the top coat (lipstick) and this is especially true for matte formulas. You can apply the crayon to your lips and use your finger or a smudge brush to blend it in with the rest of your pout.

Prevent Bleeding

Matte lip liner formulas are designed to prevent feathering and bleeding throughout the day and night, which is why many people apply them to their lips before adding a glossy lipstick. You’ll notice that most lip liners come in matte formulas to ensure that whatever is applied on top of them lasts an extended period of time and stays where it’s supposed to.

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