A Lazy Girl's Nighttime Routine

February 11, 2019

A Lazy Girl's Nighttime Routine

Some night we don’t have enough energy to go about our entire skincare routine. That’s where our lazy girl nighttime routine comes in. We want to get our makeup off and give some love to our skin, but we don’t want to have to soak our face in the sink or risk getting our hair wet.

Makeup Remover Wipes

The first step in our lazy girl nighttime routine is to use a makeup remover wipe. Makeup remover wipes can be misleading. We feel like our face is clean and makeup-free, but this isn’t always true. That’s why this is a great first step in our routine. It will remove the majority of our makeup and prepare us for our next step. Our Golden Rose Makeup Remover will do the trick and start off our routine effortlessly. Plus, we don’t even need to leave our bed for this step if we really wanted to.

Micellar Water

The next step in our lazy girl nighttime routine is to follow up with our Golden Rose Micellar Water. This will finally remove that last bit of makeup that can be hard to get. Put a generous amount of the water onto a cotton pad and gently rub the skin in upward circular motions. This step will show you how much residue is left on the skin and how essential micellar water is in our lazy girl routine. It only takes a few seconds, but your skin will feel cleansed and renewed. This step can replace your typical facial cleanser for off days.  


The final step in our lazy girl nighttime routine is to add some moisture back to the skin. We love to use a thicker cream in our nighttime routine because while we sleep, our skin will use the hydration to heal the skin. We need moisture on our skin to complete this routine. Use a nighttime cream all over the face, and maybe even an eye cream under the eyes. Either way, you don’t need to leave your room for this step either. Once it's rubbed into the skin, you're ready to go to bed!


By Kelsey Lange



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