How to Apply Mousse Foundation

August 29, 2019

How to Apply Mousse Foundation

Mousse foundation is very similar to cream foundation. The consistency is what makes the application process a bit different from liquid foundation. This doesn’t mean that it’s harder or easier to apply. But it does mean that the formula is unique. And who knows, it might be just right for your skin type.

We like to think of mousse foundation as a hybrid between liquid and cream foundations. It is thicker than liquid but a bit more light and airy than cream. The formula is typically a whipped formula that comes in a pot. This is great for someone looking for a moisturizing yet full coverage finish. It is also lightweight and applies smoothly for an easy blend.

A great example of this type of foundation is the Golden Rose Mousse Foundation. It has an air-whipped formula that has a weightless feel on the skin. The formula is buildable and can produce both a natural and full coverage finish. The foundation dries matte while remaining lightweight.

To apply this type of foundation, you will simply dip your finger into the pot and dot the foundation onto the skin. Depending on the type of coverage you want to achieve, put as many or as little dots around the face as you please. This foundation is buildable, so you can start with a small amount initially.

If you don’t want to use your fingers to apply the foundation, you can also use a beauty sponge, a small foundation brush, or the end of a small brush to apply the product. Either way, apply the tool directly into the pot.

Using a flat foundation brush, buff the foundation into the skin. Once you have blended the majority of the foundation onto the face, take a damp beauty sponge to soften the finish. This will remove any brush strokes or harsh lines. This process is not much different than your typical liquid or cream foundation. However, the finish and feel might be worth changing your routine a bit.

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