How To Blend Foundation

August 19, 2019

How To Blend Foundation

There are plenty of ways to blend your foundation! What tool you use is solely based on preference. Whether you choose to use a beauty sponge, a brush, or your fingers, we’ve got some tips to perfect the process. Our Golden Rose Longstay Matte is perfect to test these methods. 

Beauty Sponge

We’re going to start off with a beauty sponge because lately, this is the most popular way to blend complexion products. It's definitely our favorite tool to use because of how easily it blends liquid and cream products. It also leaves a very natural finish on the skin while still maintaining coverage.

In order to get the best coverage while still looking skin-like, bounce the beauty sponge around the skin, pressing the product into the skin, allowing the sponge to blend the foundation into the complexion effortlessly. It is important to never drag the beauty sponge. This will disturb the foundation and will start to remove the coverage.


Using a brush to apply foundation is not much different than using a sponge. We believe that dragging any tool on the skin is not proactive. We love to use stripping motions instead. If you're not used to this method, we encourage you to use circular, gentle motions with the brush rather than dragging. This method is best to use when initially blending the foundation around the majority of the skin, creating a basic base. You can even follow up with a beauty sponge to blend the rest of the product into the skin to remove brush strokes or unevenness. 


To complete our list of ways to blend foundation, fingers will always be a trustworthy tool. We love to use our fingers to blend in tinted moisturizers or any complexion product that has light to medium coverage. The heat from your fingers will allow the product to melt into the skin with ease. This process also allows the lightweight products to go a long way. They will still maintain coverage while looking skin-like and natural. 


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