How to Conceal like a Pro

September 03, 2019

How to Conceal like a Pro

Learning how to conceal like a prop will transform your everyday makeup routine to create a flawless, highlighted, and smooth complexion. Let's learn about undertones, shade ranges, coverage, and placement; you’ll be a pro in no time.


When learning how to conceal like a prop, we first have to decide what kind of concealer you need. First comes first, let’s understand undertones. Every skin tone has undertones, some are yellow, some are pink, and some are neutral.

If you’ve ever worn a foundation that was the right shade, but still looked wrong on your skin, it’s possible it had the wrong undertone. Same goes for concealers. You want your concealer to blend effortlessly with your foundation. So if you have a pink skin tone, let’s go with a concealer that matches that.

A Few Shades Lighter

Our next tip also has to do with shade choice. Learning how to conceal like a prop requires choosing the right shade. Concealing is not only meant to hide dark circles and imperfections, it is also meant to highlight the face. In order to highlight, choose a concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your foundation or your skin tone. Just be careful not to go too light with your shade choice, which could lead to your complexion looking muddy.

Decide on Coverage

There are so many concealers on the market, and no two are the same. Learning how to conceal like a prop means learning the difference between concealer coverages. If you are looking to achieve a no makeup, makeup look, then a full coverage concealer isn’t necessary. But if you want to look airbrushed and glam, of course, you’re going to grab the most coverage you can get.

Be sure to match your concealer with the finish you want to achieve. This also goes for matching your concealer’s coverage with your foundation. If you decide to wear a BB Cream with only a slight tint, a full coverage concealer might look out of place. Mix and match your routine until you find the best option for you.

Highlight with Concealers

Our next tip concerning how to conceal like a prop is a simple one. Once you know exactly where to place concealer, your whole makeup look will change. Apply concealer under the eyes in a triangular shape.This will highlight and conceal under eye circles while bringing light to the cheeks and high points of the face.

You can also apply a bit of concealer in the center of the forehead, down the center of the nose, and on the chin. This will create a harmonious highlighted finish. And finally, amp up your contour, apply a bit of contour under the contour line on your cheekbones.

Try Color Correctors

Believe it or not, not all concealers are meant to be placed on top of your foundation. Now that you know how to conceal like a prop, you’re going to want to explore other options as well. Color correcting concealers are worn under foundation.

Each color is meant to correct a skin problem For example, a green corrector will cancel out any redness on the skin. A purple is used to conceal dark circles or spots. And purple and yellow are used for brightening. Once you master these techniques, you’ll really be concealing like a pro in no time.

Our Suggestions

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