How To Do A Cat Eye

September 06, 2019

How To Do A Cat Eye

There is not one single way to learn how to do a cat eye. A cat eye simply means a makeup style that has an upturned flick, creating a flirty, cat-like effect. You can create this with eyeliner, a stencil, eyeshadow, or a simple smokey eye. These are some of the best ways to master the cat eye for beginners. 


The first way to create a cat eye is with an eyeliner, of course. This is our favorite way and the most classic approach to a cat eye. Using our Cat’s Eyes Eyeliner (very fitting,) we create a single angled line, aiming up toward the tail of our eyebrow. Then, create a line connecting the tip of the line, down toward the lash line, finishing up as a top liner. Fill in the blank space, and you're done!


If you struggle with liner, there are always stencils to help. The Golden Rose Cat Eye Stencil is the perfect tool for beginners. Hold the stencil with one hand, and simply fill in between the lines with your other. Using a liquid liner, the stencil will outline the perfect cat eye for any eye shape. If you mess up a little, simply clean up the lines with a bit of makeup remover on a Q-Tip for precise and even liner. 


Learning how to do a cat eye doesn’t just have to be with liner. One of our favorite ways to create a cat eye is with a smoked out shadow. Using a bit of tape, angle the side of the tape up toward your brow. This will act as a makeshift stencil. Now, using any shade of shadow, you can smoke out your eye look without worrying about the shape. Once the tape is removed, you’ll have a crisp and precise line, creating the ultimate cat eye. This process is beginner-proof and leaves room for many makeup looks depending on the shadow color you choose. Plus, it's not your typical cat eye. And we love switching things up a bit. 

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