How To Find Your Best Foundation Match

July 29, 2019

How To Find Your Best Foundation Match

Ever thought you found the best foundation shade for your skin, just to discover a clear border from your face to the rest of your head? Nothing's more frustrating! Here are a few tricks to finding the best shade that'll put this mystery in the past.

1. Don’t worry too much about the descriptions of a foundation shade.

Chances are, the claims are not accurate, and you’ll be stuck with a cool tone shade when you’re in need of warm tones. Instead, use the most accurate tools, your eyes.

The trick here is to swatch a few foundation shades on your chest. Instead of testing on your hand or on your neck, your chest will be the most accurate representation of your overall skin tone. Plus, you can always blend the foundation down the neck if needed.

2. Find the best lighting possible.

Most makeup stores and drugstores have inaccurate fluorescent bulbs that never give you an accurate representation of your shade. If you can, find the nearest window and stand in front of the natural light. Natural lighting will give you the best view of your foundation shade and how it meshes with your skin tone.

This can also work when you’re at home. Say you’ve spent the week at the beach and you’ve got a bit of a tan. To test out your foundations, take a handheld mirror to your window and discover which shade truly matches your bronzed skin. 

3. Test them all out.

Another trick for finding your best foundation match is to purchase a few different shades if you’re shopping online. Most beauty stores will allow you to return makeup if they don't work for you. Test out the shades that work best for you. Or, mix and match a couple to create your own concoction. Sometimes foundations don’t have your perfect shade, but you can make one for yourself.

4. Give the test of time. 

Finding your best foundation match can also depend on time. Many foundations are known for oxidizing after a few hours of wear has gone by. This is very frustrating because when you apply the product, it matches flawlessly. But when you get a glimpse in the mirror a few hours later, your face has suddenly turned orange.

This is another reason to test out a few shades on your own. You might need a shade lighter than you think because of this problem. But if you purchase a few shades, there's no harm if you decide to return the rest. Some would save that shade for the summer when they get a bit of a tan going.

We hope these tips for finding your best foundation match were helpful, and we wish you luck discovering the ultimate shade for your skin tone! We all deserve at least one true match. Ours happens to be the Golden Rose Longstay Matte Foundation in the shade Cream.  

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