How to Highlight When You're Oily

April 22, 2019


Having glowy, luminous skin is beautiful and very trendy. But when you have oily skin, it can be a bit daunting. With oily skin, we try everything to not look shiny, but today’s trends focus on having the most glow possible. This might be easy and somewhat rewarding for someone with dry skin, but with oily skin, it just feels wrong. These are the best ways to highlight when you have oily skin!

Mattifying Your Base

First comes first, we need the base for our skin to be matte. Just because the trends require glow doesn’t mean you have to throw away all of your mattifying products. Using a matte primer and foundation will set the base for your oily skin to hold up with a vibrant highlight. Our favorite foundation for this step is the Longstay Matte Foundation paired with the Mattifying and Pore Minimizing Primer. This duo will prevent highlighter from accentuating your pores and texture, something oily skin is prone to. Lock this base in place using a face powder like the Golden Rose Longstay Matte Face Powder. Don't be afraid to pack on the powder!

Powder Highlight Only

Though there are so many great cream and liquid highlighters on the market, we have to come to terms that they’re just not meant for oily skin. Sometimes they work in small amounts, but a powder highlight will always be the safest choice.

Our go-to powder highlight is the Golden Rose Strobing Highlighter Palette. These shades are soft and buttery and blend into the skin effortlessly. They build to your desired radiance and provide an all-over glow, no matter how matte your foundation is.

Location, Location, Location

With oily skin, there are certain places on the face you want to avoid adding highlight. Ignore the fact that people with dry skin practically paint their face in highlight. That isn’t going to work for us. Instead, highlight on the high points of the cheeks, down the bridge of the nose, on the brow bone, and in the inner corner of the eyes.

Some places to avoid are the forehead, the chin, and the apples of the cheeks, which all happen to be very popular places to highlight according to the beauty trends. Sure, this application can look beautiful initially. But these are all places that oils tend to be prominent. Especially the chin and the forehead, you’re not going to want to draw attention to your shine. Plus, you’re more likely to look oily when you have a product like this accentuating your pores.

Blend into the Skin

After you’ve applied your powder highlight, take a brush or damp beauty sponge and blend the product into the skin. This will remove any harsh lines and create a seamless finish. It will also create a soft focus appearance on the skin where your highlight might accentuate texture or pores. It only takes a few seconds, but it makes a world of a difference.

Set it & Forget It

The final step in our highlighting process is to set the face with setting spray. Our favorite spray is the Golden Rose Makeup Fixing Spray. This will lock the foundation, powder, and highlight in place. It will prevent the skin from becoming oily throughout the day and melts the powder and liquid products together.


By Kelsey Lange

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