How To Protect Your Manicure

August 15, 2019

How To Protect Your Manicure

Now that you’ve got a beautiful new manicure, let’s find the best ways to protect it. These are the top five best ways to protect your manicure so every day can feel like you just left the salon.

1. Reapply a Top Coat

The first trick to protect your manicure is to be consistent with a topcoat. It is important to wear a top and bottom coat while you’re doing a manicure. But it is even more important to continue this process. After you’ve left the salon, you have to pick up the slack where your top coat might be lacking. After a day or two, and your manicure gets dull, put on a thin layer of topcoat to seal in your color.

2. Don’t Overwash Your Hands

Overwashing your hands can result in your nails and hands becoming dry and brittle. This can also cause your nails to become dehydrated and even shrink. This will result in your nail polish chipping prematurely because it no longer fits your nail shape. Protect your manicure by avoiding dehydration. 

3. Moisturize the Nails Consistently

Keeping your nails hydrated and moisturized is important to protect your manicure. For similar reasons, you need to moisturize your nails to prevent your nails from shrinking. It will also keep your nails fresh looking. To do so, use a nail and cuticle oil. All it takes it a few seconds and it will prevent your polish from chipping or separating.

4. Avoid Heat

Until your polish is completely dry, you should avoid heat at all costs on your hands. Because nail polish can take hours to dry, you should avoid using tools like a hairdryer. This can cause your manicure to smudge or prematurely chip. Much like you should avoid heat on your hair and skin, avoid it on your nails to protect your manicure as well.

5. File Them Gently

When you are maintaining your nails, you should file your nails properly. This means avoiding any back and forth filing. File your nails in the same direction to avoid damage. In order to protect your manicure and to protect your nails altogether, filing correctly will avoid tearing, breakage, and promote healthy nails.

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