How To Remove Makeup The Right Way

July 29, 2019

How To Remove Makeup The Right Way

After a long day of wearing makeup, your skin deserves the care it needs to recoup. To remove makeup the right way, you shouldn't just use a wipe and call it a day. This process is appealing and simple, but there are much better ways to remove your makeup that will clear your pores, revive your skin, and cause long-term benefits.

Liquid Makeup Remover

In order to remove makeup the right way, a liquid makeup remover is a holy grail product for the process. Specifically, our Golden Rose Two-Phase Makeup Remover is the first product pick up to do some heavy-duty cleaning. This remover will remove all of your makeup while remaining gentle. It can even break down waterproof makeup.

To use, apply the product on a cotton pad and press the pad on each closed eye. For face and lip makeup, tap the pad on the skin and lips gently for a few seconds. Then wipe off the excess makeup without rubbing the skin. Rubbing motions can result in premature wrinkles.

Makeup Remover Wipes

To be sure that your makeup is completely removed, makeup wipes come in handy. In order to remove makeup the right way, you can’t leave any debris behind. Our Golden Rose Makeup Remover Wipes are easy to use and will tell you immediately if you need to continue your cleanse. Swipe the product across your face and remove any leftover makeup. The leftover debris will be seen immediately on the wipe. This is a great tool to use to be sure your face is completely cleansed. Plus, it can get in hard to reach areas that may be hiding dirt or makeup. 


Now that we’re sure our face is clear of makeup, cleansing comes next. We can’t remove makeup the right way without giving back to our skin. Our favorite cleanser happens to be the Facial Cleansing Milk. This face milk is gentle enough to use as a daily cleanser and works great as a part of any nighttime routine. It soothes and moisturizes the skin while cleansing, and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.


After cleansing comes toning. In order to remove makeup the right way, we can’t stop here. After your makeup is removed and the skin is cleansed, toning is just as important of a step. Toning will further purify your skin’s condition and removes impurities while cleansing.


Last but not least, among our steps to remove makeup the right way is moisturizing. We’ve stripped our skin of its natural oils, and we need to hydrate again. Moisturizer is a crucial part of any skincare routine, no matter what skin type you have. Find a moisturizer that is gentle on your skin that hydrates and moisturizes the skin in order for it to produce healthy oils overnight.

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