How To Stop Biting Your Nails

July 29, 2019

How To Stop Biting Your Nails

Nail biters are not only risking the appearance of their nails, but also damage to the skin around the nails, being vulnerable to infection, and the chance of sickness due to passing bacteria to their mouth. Although an overnight fix doesn't exist, sticking to these five tips on how to stop biting your nails will put you on the road to change.

Keep Them Short

The first tip for learning how to stop biting your nails is a simple one. If you’ve always bitten your nails since childhood, it is probable that your nails are weak and brittle. This doesn’t mean that you can’t grow your nails long. But when you’re trying to kick the habit, it’s a better tactic to keep them relatively short.

This eliminates the temptation to bite them, and the chance that they will break. Maintaining a good length will keep your nails healthy and strengthened.

Wear Nail and Cuticle Serums

Our Golden Rose Nail Expert No More Bite Nail & Cuticle Serum is a nail biter’s saving grace. This serum adds a thin layer of bitter flavoring over the nail. This formula is free of harmful chemicals like DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde. Applying this serum consistently will make learning how to stop biting your nails easy. You can use this as a topcoat over polish or worn alone. It also improves the strength of the nails and prevents yellowing.

The Golden Rose Nail Expert Black Diamond Hardener is also a great product to strengthen the nails once you let them grow. This provides a hard protective shield that dries into a glossy top coat. Keeping this process consistent will result in reinforcing weak and fragile nails.

Maintain a Manicure

Keeping your nails painted is a great tip for teaching yourself to stop biting your nails. Putting your nails to your mouth will remind you instantly that you shouldn’t mess up your manicure. Be sure to take good care of your nails with two coats of polish and a bottom and topcoat for sturdy nails.

Replace the Habit

Like any bad habit, the best way to stop biting your nails is to replace the habit with a good one. Instead of biting your nails, catch yourself, and do something different with your hands that is more proactive. 

Biting your nails is often a nervous habit, so finding a better way to cope with this like playing with a stress ball or worry stone will slowly replace this. You could even start chewing gum instead. Another way is to pick up a pen and write something down, even if it's just your thoughts. Try different things and find the best way to replace this habit. 

Discover What Triggers You

Our last tip to learn how to stop biting your nails is to discover what triggers this habit. Once you discover your most common triggers, you will be much more aware of your actions and how to stop them. This takes a little bit of self-discovery, and it will help your nervousness and anxiety as a whole.

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