How to Stop Concealer From Creasing

April 22, 2019


Foundation & Concealer Placement

You might think that your concealer is the issue with creasing, but it could actually be the steps you take before it even touches your face. Most people apply foundation before concealer. A lot of those people blend the foundation up under their eyes. This isn’t always necessary and could be a cause of creasing. You don’t want to use too much product under the eyes. It will build up with nowhere to go, and ultimately fall into your fine lines under the eyes, even if you don’t struggle with wrinkles.

Instead of blending your foundation under your eyes, leave this area blank and ready for concealer. When you apply your concealer, don’t go directly under the eyes either. Instead, apply the product on the very tops of the cheeks and blend the product upward. This will still cover the entirety of the under eyes without building too much product in one place. Blend any excess product up the cheekbone toward the tail of the brow.

Don’t Overuse Concealer

Like we said, too much product can result in creasing. This goes for concealer as well. The beauty world has hyped up an excessive amount of concealer as the norm. We want to challenge this. You don’t need nearly as much concealer as you think, especially if its a full coverage formula. Our favorite full coverage concealer is the So Cute Liquid Concealer. It covers any imperfections without needing a heavy application. Apply about half as much concealer as you normally do and see if that helps with the creasing. 

Blend Out Using Damp Sponge

When blending your concealer, you want to use a damp beauty sponge. We find that this is the best tool to use to prevent creasing because it melts the product into the skin. It does not leave any brush strokes in the skin and gently pushes the product into the under eyes. This process will also ensure there are zero creases left in the finish, which prepares it for your powder.

Immediately Set

Using the same damp beauty sponge, immediately set the concealer with your favorite setting powder. Ours happens to be the Golden Rose Longstay Matte Face Powder. This will lock the concealer in place and prevent any creasing from happening. It will also help the concealer to last longer and look more vibrant. If you want to take this step up a notch, you can even bake the under eyes for a few seconds using the Long Wearing Finishing Powder. This will ensure your concealer will be locked in place for hours of wear. Blend the excess powder away with a fluffy powder brush, and you’re good to go! No more creases. 


By Kelsey Lange

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