How to Tightline Your Eyes

February 21, 2019

How to Tightline Your Eyes

Tightlining is a great way to line the eyes with eyeliner without going overboard with pigment. It is the perfect way to get precise, even lines defining the eyes without looking smudged or messy. Instead of lining the outside of the eyes with liner, take a waterproof pencil and line the waterline. This will prevent raccoon eyes. Plus, it completes any eye look and brings the shadow together effortlessly. This is one of our most prized makeup steps in our routine.

What kind of eyeliner should I use?

The first step in learning how to tightline your eyes is to find the best eyeliner to complete the process. We always go with a waterproof eyeliner. This is because we are placing this liner on a sensitive, and sometimes watery place on the eye. It is common that your eyes might water right after tightlining. But with a product like this, you won’t have to worry. Using the Golden Rose Waterproof Eyeliner, this formula will get the job done effortlessly. You can even choose from 10 different colors to switch up your look. We love a classic black, but some days a royal blue will come in handy to bring a pop of color to the waterline.

How To Tightline Your Eyes

Finally, let’s learn how to tightline your eyes. Though it might seem scary, it’s really much easier than you think. To first line the bottom waterline, we try to refrain from tugging on the bottom lash line to prevent premature wrinkles. But if you’re a beginner, we won’t judge your process. Bring the liner to the edge of the waterline and slide the product across the line. It’s almost like coloring in between the lines, the waterline is pretty easy to see. Bring it right up to the corner of the eye and stop there.

Now is the tricky part. Using a Q-Tip, we will slightly raise the eyelid. This will reveal the upper waterline. Using your eyeliner, fill in the waterline with one swipe and release the lid. This trick will prevent you from messing up any of your eyeshadow and will gently lift the lid to prevent wrinkles or tugging at the eye.


By Kelsey Lange

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