Natural Makeup Hacks

April 22, 2019


Perfect your skincare.

To achieve a natural makeup look, you want to apply the least amount of products to your face, especially your skin. To make this easier, let’s start with perfecting your skincare routine. As one of the best natural makeup hacks, keep in mind that a flawless finish starts with skincare. Finding the best products to clear and rejuvenate your skin will help makeup to sit on the skin effortlessly.

We suggest trying the Golden Rose Micellar Cleansing Water to amplify your skin care. This product can be used in many ways. You can use it to remove makeup, tone the skin, cleanse the pores, and even moisturize. A product that has so many productive properties is sure to improve your skin, and in return, make no-makeup makeup looks much easier to achieve.

Try a BB Cream in replace of a foundation.

The true test of a natural makeup look is the way skin products apply to the skin. If you apply a heavy, full coverage foundation with tons of powder, it’ll be a bit obvious you spent some time in front of the mirror. Though there’s really nothing wrong with this finish, for a “natural” makeup look, this isn’t the right path to take. Plus, who has the time every morning to do all those steps?

In replace of a full coverage foundation, we suggest using a BB Cream. Specifically, the Golden Rose BB Cream Beauty Balm is perfect for achieving a glowy and natural finish. The Beauty Balm is used to smooth the complexion and conceal imperfection without clogging the pores or looking cakey. BB Creams are not just about coverage. They also have a built-in primer and moisturizer to benefit the skin. Due to its velvety texture, the formula blends easily into the skin and builds coverage where needed. As one of the best natural makeup hacks, investing in a BB Cream is extremely beneficial.

Concealer is your friend.

If you are not comfortable with the coverage of a BB Cream, concealer is always there to boost the pigmentation. The Golden Rose HD Concealer is a great product for spot concealing imperfections. Simply apply a bit of product under the eyes and on any blemishes. This concealer is formulated with special pigments which diffuse light and brighten the skin for a soft-focus finish. It also has built-in SPF for extra protection against harmful sun rays.

Keep the lips subtle.

Of course, a natural makeup look does not include a bright red lip, but there are still ways to plump and contour the lips without looking like you applied a single product. The Golden Rose Lip Barrier Transparent Lip Pencil is a protective lip product that defines the natural lip line. In order to apply this transparent pencil, you simply draw a line directly over the lip contour and just outside the natural lip line. This will make the lips looking naturally plumped without any extra pigmentation. Plus, you won’t have to worry about touching up your color all day long.

Stick to cream products.

Next, among the best natural makeup hacks is to stick to cream products when you can. This goes for both face and lip products. Golden Rose has a product that is meant for both the lips and the cheeks called the Lip and Blush Velvet Touch. It’s a cream product that creates a natural flush on the cheeks and brings some color to the lips. Because of its velvety formula, the product blends effortlessly into the skin and lips with a buildable finish. Sticking with a cream product like this will eliminate the possibility of looking cakey or powdery.

Don’t be afraid of mascara.

We all understand that natural makeup looks aren’t supposed to make you look like you just rolled out of bed. Instead, they create an effortless finish that amplifies your best features. And what better to intensity than your natural eyelashes? Golden Rose So Cute HD Volume Black Mascara is a travel-sized fiber brush mascara for volume and length. If you stick to your favorite mascara and skip the eyeliner, you can still achieve a natural finish.

Master the feathery brow.

Another one of our favorite natural makeup hacks is to master a feathery brow. Instead of harshly lining your eyebrows and going for a fully-filled in shape, give this a shot instead. Using the Golden Rose Eyebrow Powder Pencil, use the thin tip of the pencil to create hairline strokes throughout the shape of the brow. This might take a bit more time, but the finished result completes any natural makeup look. An eyebrow pencil allows complete precision to create feathery brows with ease. Plus, its unique powdery texture clings to brow hairs and makes for easy blending with its built-in spoolie.

Set it and forget it.

To complete our list of the best natural makeup hacks, setting your makeup with a fixing spray is an effortless way to complete any makeup look. We suggest using the Golden Rose Makeup Setting Spray, of course. With a lightweight and non-sticky formula, the mist sets your makeup with a matte finish for all-day wear. The spray is perfect for natural makeup looks because it will leave a protective barrier over your cream products and blends them seamlessly with its moisturizing properties.


By Kelsey Lange

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