Photo Friendly Foundation Routine

August 29, 2019

Photo Friendly Foundation Routine

We all have our favorite foundation routine for an everyday basis, but when it comes to taking photos, there are certain products that work best. Some makeup wears beautifully in natural lighting, doesn’t smudge, and feels great throughout the day. This doesn’t mean it photographs well. We have come up with a budge-proof photo-friendly foundation routine for the next time you find yourself in front of the camera, especially one with a flash.

Satin Smoothing Fluid Foundation

The first order of business in our photo-friendly foundation routine is, of course, picking out the best foundation. We always rely on a liquid foundation for this step because it blends well and doesn’t get cakey after a few hours. You want a foundation that will last and provide coverage while still looking like skin. Satin foundations like the Golden Rose Longstay Matte Foundation wears effortlessly on any skin type. It provides a rejuvenated canvas while still providing medium and buildable coverage for an airbrushed finish. Be sure to blend this down the neck for a perfect color match.

HD Concealer

The next step in our photo-friendly foundation routine is to conceal those under eyes and blemishes. Nothing is worse than waking up on picture day with a pimple. That’s where full coverage concealer comes in. This HD Concealer is blendable, high pigment, and photo-friendly. Pick a shade that is one to two shades lighter than your foundation to avoid looking too washed out, while still brightening the complexion. Apply the concealer in a small triangular shape under the eyes to camouflage any dark circles or under-eye bags. This will give the eyes a more awake appearance, which photographs beautifully. Take this same shade and spot-correct any blemishes or discoloration that might not have been covered with your foundation.

Pressed Powder

Though we have come to our final step in this photo-friendly foundation routine, we consider this step to be the most crucial. If you are planning to take pictures using flash photography, the last thing you want is flashback. This can happen due to a powder that is too light on the skin. It will make your face look dull, ghostly, and completely unmatched to the rest of your body. Flashback often occurs when using a translucent powder, so avoid these at all costs. We’re going to use our  colored pressed powder to set the foundation and add a bit of extra coverage. Once you’re powdered, your foundation routine is complete and photo ready!

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