Reasons To Keep Your Nails Short

September 03, 2019

Reasons To Keep Your Nails Short

We know, we know. Long nails are all the rage. We have to start off by saying in no way do we hate long nails. But it has come to our conclusion that short nails are just as awesome. And we’ll tell you why. These are the top six best reasons to keep your nails short.

Less Breakage

First comes first, among the reasons to keep your nails short, less breakage takes our number one stop. Not much is as disheartening as a broken nail, especially an acrylic. For the amount of money you spend on fills, a break is not something you need. Plus, if you don’t have the money to spend every two to three weeks, this makes a break more probable. And worst comes to worst, breaking an acrylic or gel nail to the point of bleeding is enough for us to retire the length altogether.

Less Cost

We couldn’t decide between breakage or cost for our number one spot. So just know they're about equal in our book. Because really, long nails are expensive and high maintenance. This is especially true if you go for fills as much as your nail technician wants you to.

You do get what you pay for, so we wouldn’t suggest going the cheap route for something you’re going to need to maintain on your own. And as one of the best reasons to keep your nails short, short nails cost a fraction of the cost that maintaining length does.

Less Maintenance

Maintenance goes hand in hand with cost. But it also ties in the time you spend maintaining these nails. Sure, you need to spend time perfecting short nails as well. But the time in the nail salon is cut down drastically. This is one of our favorite reasons to keep your nails short. More free time? We’ll take it.

Less Damage

Damage does not just cover the potential nail break. Constantly putting acrylic or gel on the natural nail is not great. Sacrificing your nail health just doesn’t seem worth it to us. As one of the top reasons to keep your nails short, it’s always a good idea to give your natural nails a break from time to time.

More Function

Functionality is one of the most important reasons to keep your nails short on our list because we have so many examples. Like anything, you will get used to having long nails. But we have discovered that no matter how much time we spending getting used to them, short nails are just more functional. 

This is for little things like texting, picking up credit cards and change off the ground, and typing. Long nails can also be trickier to wear when you have a job that requires handy work. Many professions in the healthcare or food industry do not approve of long nails because of the risk of spreading bacteria. You can forget about putting on jewelry with a clasp. Makeup application, especially eyeshadow shimmers or false lashes, becomes harder. And don’t even get us started about putting in contacts.

More Options

To conclude our list of reasons to keep your nails short, we couldn’t forget to mention the array of nail products on the market that you can play with at home. With short, natural nails, you have a whole world of options to choose from. It's really a great hobby to pick up. And we love to count it as self-care.

Our favorites happen to be our very own Golden Rose Nail Care line as well as our Quick Dry products and of course, dozens of nail polish products.

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