The Ultimate Lip Care Routine

August 19, 2019

The Ultimate Lip Care Routine

You’ve got a hair care routine, a skincare routine, a shower routine, a workout routine, but do you have a lip care routine? Especially during the dry and cold winter, you’ve got to give your lips the attention you give the rest of your body.

The first step in our lip care routine starts with hydrating the lips from within. Drink plenty of water in order to hydrate your body, including your lips. Keep a water bottle with you no matter where you are. The act of bringing this along will remind you how important it is to drink water. You should have about eight glasses of water a day on average.

Our next step for our lip care routine is to stop licking your lips when they are chapped. We know it’s hard, and though it might temporarily feel better, this actually dries out your lips more. Once your saliva evaporates, it exposes your lips to become drier than before. There are also enzymes in your saliva that will damage the protective barrier on the lips.

When you feel the need to lick your lips, apply a lip balm. This will properly hydrate the lips. We suggest using the Golden Rose Lip Balm Cherry SPF 15. It is also important to apply lip balm before bed so your lips don’t dry out when you’re sleeping. To help with this, you can also sleep with a humidifier.

Another part of our lip care routine is exfoliation. This will eliminate any dry and dead skin on the lips, especially during the winter. It can also help to exfoliate after wearing a drying lipstick all day. Be sure to always remove any makeup from the lips before going to bed.

During the winter months, we also make a conscious decision to wear comfortable lipsticks or lip glosses. Try products that are infused with Vitamin B and C or Jojoba Oil to really hydrate the lips.

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