Why Wear SPF On Your Lips?

August 15, 2019

Why Wear SPF On Your Lips?

 How to Apply Sunscreen on the Lips

Before we even get into the benefits of SPF on the lips, let’s go over how we’re going to apply it. No, we’re not going to apply a dot of sunscreen, this wouldn’t taste very good or be beneficial. Sunscreen isn't meant for the lips. Instead, we’re going to apply our favorite Golden Rose Lip Balm with SPF 15. That’s all it takes. Apply this lip balm like usual, and you’re protected from any harmful sun rays. You can even wear this under lipstick and it will still work its magic.


It’s true, your lips can burn in the sun. You might not notice it because they won’t become red and blotchy as your skin does. Instead, a slight sunburn on the lips feels like your lips are chapped. A bad sunburn can even result in swelling, drying, and flaking. It’s not fun. Every time you step outside, you should be wearing some sunscreen on the skin and on the lips to avoid this. This is especially true if you’re going to be spending hours outside. If you plan on laying out on the beach, this is an essential step in your skincare routine.


Our next reason to wear sunscreen on the lips is for hydration. Using our lip balm with SPF, the product will hydrate the lips for all-day comfort. This formula is beneficial for the lips because it will prevent them from drying or flaking. Lip balm can also reduce chapping. Keeping your lips hydrated will also prevent further damage to the lips.


If your lips are already sunburnt or chapped, this SPF lip balm can help repair your painful lips. This formula can repair any cracks, redness, soreness, and peeling. Plus, it will prevent any further sun or weather damage. Winter weather can severely damage the lips. And lip balm is great for healing this. But SPF is what you need to prevent any future damage.

Skin Cancer

Our final reason to wear sunscreen on the lips is to prevent skin cancer. The lips have extremely delicate skin that is very susceptible to harmful sun rays. All it takes is one step in the morning before you leave the house to prevent this from happening. Keep those lips safe!

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